The Wrongful Conviction of Jason Payne
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The Investigation
In most wrongfully convicted cases there is misconduct by both the police and prosecution. Jason Payne's case shows just how far misconduct by the police resulted in a wrongful conviction.

The investigation, conducted by lead detective Lt. Miles Tucker of the Wood County Sheriff's Office was focused right from Day #1 to prove Jason Payne committed the murders of his wife Nichole Payne and his stepson Taylor Wages; this despite, at that time no indication or evidence whatsoever that this was a double homicide; in fact early indication showed this to be a murder suicide. A double homicide was pure speculation on Tucker's part and showed how he mishandled and manipulated evidence to support his theory that Jason committed a double homicide.

Here is what the investigation consisted of which shows how the wrongful arrest of Jason occurred:

The Interrogation:


Forensic Evidence:

Mishandling and Manipulating the Evidence:

In a rush to judgment supplemented by tunnel vision Lt. Miles Tucker concluded from the start that Jason Payne was guilty of a double homicide with absolutely no evidence other than pure speculation to support his theory.