The Wrongful Conviction of Jason Payne
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Case Summary
Case Summary:
Jason Payne was wrongfully convicted for a crime he did not commit. This case demonstrates when police set their sights on a suspect they will let little if anything get in the way of obtaining an arrest warrant even if the evidence doesn't support the arrest. At the next level some prosecutors will do almost anything to obtain a conviction even when justice is not being served. And finally most appellate courts pretty much rubber stamp the verdict handed down by the jury and the decision of the previous court without looking at the merit of the case, just focusing on procedural issues.

This web site will prove beyond any doubt that Jason Payne is innocent. He is innocent because the evidence will show it was impossible for him to commit the crime he was wrongfully charged with and convicted of. The crime the police and prosecution presented didn't and couldn't happen the way they stated. It made no sense and was totally illogical. Their case was full of holes.

The Crime:
On December 11, 2007 in the town of Quitman, Texas two people were shot to death. Nichole Payne, wife of Jason Payne and her son by a previous marriage, Austin Taylor Wages. 

Upon discovering the two bodies Jason immediately called 911 at 9:09 AM and told the operator that 
“his wife and his son are both shot” and that he needed help.  Police Officers responded and  found  Jason's  wife, Nichole, dead in her bedroom.  She had been shot in the head, and her body was still warm when the police arrived.   The police found Taylor, Nichole's teenaged son lying on his bed with a fatal gunshot wound to his head.  His body was found in what was described as a sort of a garage apartment that was his bedroom.  His body, according to police on the scene was cold to the touch (this to be disputed later by the medical examiner).  He had a rifle between his legs, and it appeared that he might have shot himself and committed suicide. Read on!

The Investigation:
The investigation, conducted by lead detective Lt. Miles Tucker of the Wood County Sheriff's Office was focused right from the start on Day #1 to prove that Jason Payne committed the murders of his wife Nichole Payne and his stepson Taylor Wages; this despite, at that time no indication or evidence whatsoever that this was a double homicide; in fact early indication showed this to be a murder suicide. A double homicide was pure speculation on Tucker's part and showed how the police manipulated evidence to support their theory of a double homicide. Read on!

The Trial:
The trial of Jason Payne began on Tuesday, January 19,  2010 with sentencing pronounced on January 28, 2010.

During those eight days in which motions by the prosecution and defense were filed and jury selection completed, the prosecution had to prove their case that Jason shot and killed his wife Nichole and stepson Austin Taylor Wages in a double homicide.

In a trial the burden of proof rests on the prosecution to prove their case to the jury. According to our system of justice a defendant is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, when in fact it has become the standard for the defendant to now have to prove his innocence. Since the burden of proof is with the prosecution they are most often granted more liberty and given leeway that the defense doesn't receive. 

The actual trial for Jason began with both sides presenting very short opening statements.The prosecution began their case based on their version on how the crime of double homicide was committed using both forensic and circumstantial evidence.  Read on!

The Truth:
Jason Payne is INNOCENT. He received a life sentence without the possibility of parole for a crime he did not commit. Jason was falsely accused, wrongfully arrested, indicted, convicted and incarcerated. Conclusion:
The jury’s verdict in this case was wrong, but don’t blame or crucify the jury as they did their job based on the evidence they heard; and presented by both sides it’s the evidence they didn’t hear that resulted in their verdict. Read on to see what really happened!