The Wrongful Conviction of Jason Payne
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Tom Bevel's Credibility Under Scrutiny
After Noel Martin, the original forensic expert brought in by the police to do a crime scene reconstruction and expected to testify for the prosecution came back with his findings of a murder suicide the police, lead investigator Lt. Det. Tucker contacted Tom Bevel for a "second opinion." Mr. Bevel, who was never present at the crime scene performed an "event analysis" and "holistic view" of the crime scene concluded that the crime was a double homicide. It was Mr. Bevel's testimony that swayed the jury to return a verdict of guilty of Capital Murder for Jason Payne. Unfortunately there was much about Tom Bevel that was unknown to the jury and never presented at trial. Mr. Bevel has been identified as a "Hired Gun" that will testify however the party that hires him wants him to testify. Mr. Bevel's expertise was seriously questioned in a book he wrote on Bloodstain Pattern Analysis. The review of this book was brought up at trial and now you can read the full review by noted forensic scientist Ralph R. Risrenbatt III, M.S.

Mr. Bevel's credibility has been questioned and come under scrutiny in the past concerning the following cases;

One can only wonder if this information had been presented at trial how it might have effected the verdict issued by the jury.